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    Penny is the most organised person I know. Her attention to detail and planning skills are truly fantastic. We worked together on several occasions and results were always beautiful. I cant recommend her enough!

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    Paulo Santos img 5

    There are wedding planners who say they care, and wedding planners who absolutely care and want only the best for their clients. I’m a wedding photographer and I’m lucky to work with many wonderful wedding planners. Penny at Tigerlily Weddings is one of the most caring and client focused planners I’ve had the pleasure of working with. When somebody treats a client’s wedding with a level of care and detail usually only reserved for their very own wedding, then you know you’re working alongside somebody very special. Penny has the experience, vision, passion and infectiously friendly personality needed to bring clients dreams to reality, and not only that, but makes the whole process of doing so an absolute joy for everyone involved. Would I recommend Tigerlily Weddings? Without a shadow of doubt. A true talent indeed.

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    Florence Lawrie img 5

    Penny was beyond helpful in helping us plan our wedding and I’m sure nothing would have gone so smoothly without all her help! She is a real perfectionist, incredibly organised and on the day itself was such a useful asset in ensuring that everything went to plan. We were perhaps a little too blasé with expecting the weather to be kind to us and all our supplies to sort out any problems themselves, but Penny ensured that we had back up plans and ideas just in case. I think everybody found her spreadsheets and itineraries exceptionally useful on the day! Thanks again Penny! ☺️

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    T S img 5

    We used Penelope for our wedding in August, I found her service to be flexible, reliable and supportive to my individual wedding planning needs. Her experience and knowledge was invaluable when helping me make specific decisions. She arranged regular meetings to make sure things were progressing smoothly while planning our big day. On the wedding day, everything ran according to schedule and was exactly how I envisaged it. This was because of Penelope and I can’t thank her enough as we got to enjoy our wedding day and not worry about the details. I would highly recommend Penelope to friends and family and anyone who is looking for a professional wedding planner to help them organize their wedding day.

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    Nay Jackson img 5

    Penelope was great. I was feeling a bit anxious about the day running smoothly because there will be room changes and challenges with timings, so we reached out to Penelope to get some professional help. She provided lots of helpful advice and planning support, and made us feel reassured that everything was going to be fine. Penelope put a huge amount of effort in understanding how best to utilise the venue, help us ask all the important questions of our vendors and gave us ideas about how to personalise the day and leave our guests feeling brilliant. We're going into the final stages of our planning feeling well prepared thanks to Penelope's advice and planning framework resource. She's even made sure to be available for our wedding or beforehand, in case we need some additional support!